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About Us

Working Line Breeds

Driven and capable. Our lines are bred specifically, not accidentally.

Dogs bred for purpose, not money.

Experience & Knowledge

Know the history of your dog.

Buy from a breeder who knows your dog, and it's history. No unknowns.

 Breeder Details

We are a preferred breeder Member of Dogs NSW.  We are also a Member of the Master Dog Breeders & Associates (MDBA). Amongst Australia's best and most reputable breeders, which means the dogs bred, are of the highest quality and standard. With hip and elbow x-rayed, DNA tested parents. All pups are registered and papered with Dogs NSW and available on Limited or Main Papers.

Bred for Companionship, Protection or Sport

Whether it's drive you want, intelligence, or companionship, we've got you covered. 

Strong Bloodlines & Pedigree

Documented bloodlines and official pedigree papers on all dogs sold.


When you invest so much of your life in the training and bond you have with your dog, invest in the best.

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